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Agatha Christie was an extraordinary talent and prolific author of 66 mystery novels, over 25 plays and 150 short stories. With more than two billion books published in over 100 languages, Christie’s stories today remain as popular as ever, all over the world. From the household names of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple to supernatural stories and psychological thrillers, the canon of Agatha Christie is extensive. Contact us to discuss a wide range of licensing opportunities for adaptation and development.

Agatha Christie Limited

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At Agatha Christie Limited we work with some of the best international talents in publishing, film, television, stage, audio, games and digital production to develop great entertainment for today's global audiences, based on the genius of Agatha Christie's original stories.

Latest news from Agatha Christie Ltd

TV Thumbnail Hugh Laurie Cast
12th April 2021

Limited series adaptation of Why Didn't They Ask Evans? commissioned by BritBox North America

A new limited series of Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? has been commissioned by BritBox North America, to be adapted by Hugh Laurie

TV B2 B news
29th January 2021

Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie - 70s - premieres in France

Season 3 of the popular French series, this time set in the 1970s, launches tonight on France 2

TV Appointment with Death
28th January 2021

Appointment with Death adaptation to air in Japan

A new Japanese adaptation of Appointment with Death (死との約束) will air on 6th March, reuniting writer Koki Mitani with Mansai Nomera as detective Takeru Suguro.