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Agatha Christie, Queen of Crime. An extraordinary talent and prolific author of 66 mystery novels, 19 plays and 150 short stories. With more than two billion books published in 100 languages, Christie’s stories today remain as popular as ever, all over the world. From the household names of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple to supernatural stories and psychological thrillers, the canon of Agatha Christie is extensive. Her colourful characters and ingenious plots provide a wide range of licensing opportunities for adaptation and development.

Agatha Christie Limited

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At Agatha Christie Limited we work with some of the best global talents in publishing, film, television, stage, audio, games and digital production to develop great entertainment derived from the mind behind the mysteries. Our mission is to inspire creativity among our licensees and to sustain the legacy of the greatest crime writer of all time, keeping her work alive and relevant to today’s global audiences.

Latest news from Agatha Christie Ltd

TV Still Of Head Shots
5th July 2017

Ordeal by Innocence Casting

All star cast announced for major new adaptation of Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence 

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Stage 4208 10 Wftp Ac 1200X6004
19th June 2017

Witness for the Prosecution

Major new stage production of Witness for the Prosecution to come to County Hall London, in October

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Film Df 00620 Rv2
1st June 2017

First trailer for Orient Express

Fox Studios release Murder on the Orient Express official trailer. Everyone's a suspect!

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