The Mystery of Three Quarters debuts in UK Top Ten


The Mystery of Three Quarters debuts in UK Top Ten

The Mystery of Three Quarters, the latest Hercule Poirot mystery from Sophie Hannah, was released in the UK and US in August, entering at number 7 in the Sunday Times hardback charts and remaining in the Top Ten for two consecutive weeks.

The global publication, which follows Hannah's previous continuation novels The Monogram Murders (2014) and Closed Casket (2015), is currently sold into 23 languages with publication dates through 2019.

“Sophie Hannah’s third “New Hercule Poirot Mystery” proves to be most satisfying … faithful to its model in the essentials but flexible enough to allow for an animated plot and protagonist.” - Washington Post

“Another ingeniously deceptive puzzle…. The gratifying reveal is a neat variation on one of Christie’s own solutions and demonstrates Hannah’s facility at combining her own plotting gifts with another author’s creation.” - Publishers Weekly

“[Hannah] supplies boundless ingenuity... adding a divinely inspired denouement.” - Kirkus

“It’s safe to say Agatha Christie fans will rejoice that Poirot has returned, keener than ever to solve the case.” - San Francisco Book Review

"a stylish mystery" - i Newspaper

"an irresistible read" - Prima Magazine

The Mystery of Three Quarters follows Poirot as he is approached by four strangers, each claiming he has sent them a letter accusing them of murdering a man he has never even heard of.

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