Audible Original launches Murder on the Orient Express


Audible Original launches Murder on the Orient Express

Audible, the world’s leading provider of spoken word entertainment, today announces a new all-star production of Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express.

Produced by Audible’s Grammy-award winning Audible Studios, Murder On The Orient Express is performed by a full cast including Art Malik (BAFTA-nominated, True Lies, The Jewel In The Crown), Sophie Okonedo (Golden Globe-nominated, Oscar-nominated, Hotel Rwanda, Ace Ventura) and Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes, V For Vendetta, Hancock) amongst others. Best-known for his Oscar-nominated role in Reuben, Tom Conti (Tony Award-winner, The Dark Knight Rises, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence) stars as Hercule Poirot.

Tom Conti, said: “One of the reasons I think Poirot has remained within the British crime cannon is the incredibly clever twists Christie entwines into each mystery. Poirot is such a captivating character to voice, his pauses as powerful as his extrapolations, so it’s been exciting to be part of bringing this story to life through audio.”

In addition to these standout studio performances, Audible’s sound-designers also captured a wealth of authentic sound effects from Orient Express – including locomotive movements, rattling windows, footsteps, steam, wood and leather sounds – as the train travelled from London to Venice.

Laurence Howell, Director of Content at Audible UK, said: “Crime thrillers are the most popular genre with our listeners so we’re thrilled to be working with such a talented cast to bring this best-loved classic to life. Having a voice piped directly into your ear is an incredibly intimate experience, made even more so when the sound-design creates such an immersive atmosphere for listeners, perfectly building the suspense.”

View the trailer here.