Poster teases Orient Express


Poster teases Orient Express

31st May 2017

31st May: The first official teaser poster for Murder on the Orient Express has been released by Fox Studios.

The film will hit US cinemas on 10 November, and globally through November and December. 

Clues Are Everywhere

Everyone is a suspectClues are everywhere. In tandem with their key promotional releases - trailers, posters, tv appearances from talent - Fox Studios are running an online marketing campaign entitled Clues Are Everywhere. The campaign kicked off on the cover of Entertainment Weekly on 3 May.

Each newly released piece of promotional material will be embedded with small hidden clues that implicate a new suspect in the murder investigation. The clues, once uncovered, lead to discoverable content about each character. While the actual mystery will never be solved during the campaign, each clue will provide a secret window into the mysterious lives of the train's rich and intriguing characters. You can follow the campaign at and on Twitter #cluesareeverywhere @orientexpress