Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie

French production company Escazal presents a stylish reimagining of Agatha Christie’s stories to engage a contemporary French audience.

After 11 episodes set in the 1930s (Season 1) and 27 in the 60s (Season 2), Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie gets a makeover when it moves on to the 70s with fresh characters and a brand-new cast.

Escazal has developed a model that successfully combines the plots and storylines from Christie’s mysteries with Escazal’s own new character creations, resulting in a wonderfully smart and entertaining show that resonates with today’s audience. In a world where much drama is becoming increasingly bleak, Escazal has produced a series with a real lightness of tone that appeals to a modern viewer.

Series 3 - 2021

Episode 1: 5.6 million viewers

Episode 2: 5.3 million viewers

Executive producers for Escazal: Sophie Révil and Denis Carot.

1972. It all begins when a woman arrives at the police precinct in the northern French city of Lille. Annie Greco (Émilie Gavois-Kahn) has just been appointed captain in a government experiment, a first in France. She has a blue-collar background and plenty of nerve: Annie is an alpha female.

Gréco chooses to team up with the precinct wild man, detective Max Beretta (Arthur Dupont), a domineering, macho male, typical of his day. Greco orders Beretta to visit a psychologist for anger management sessions, and thus a third character makes her appearance. Rose Bellecour (Chloé Chaudoye) is a very rich ‘daddy’s princess’ and a gifted psychologist. Despite her ultra-groomed fashionista look, Rose turns out to be a brilliant investigator.

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Series 2

Executive producers for Escazal: Sophie Révil and Denis Carot.

Cast: Blandine Bellavoir (Alice Avril), Samuel Labarthe (Swan Laurence), Elodie Frenck (Marlène)

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