The Rats

A short, dark story in one act.

Part of two triple bills: "The Rule of Three" and "Rule of Thumb".

Running time: 35 minutes

Cast size: 4


The Rats
Adulterous lovers, Sandra and David are called to the Torrances’ flat for evening drinks. However no one is home. What first appears to be a simple mix up of dates turns to something far more sinister when the pair are locked in and, all at once, framed for murder.

Play information

The Torrances' flat in Hampstead.
Running time
35 minutes

Character list

  • Number of male characters: 2
  • Number of female characters: 2
  • Sandra Grey
  • Jennifer Brice
  • David Forrester
  • Alec Hanbury

Performing this play

More about this play

The Rats was first presented as part of Rule Of Three which toured the United Kingdom in 1961 and subsequently opened at the Duchess Theatre in the West End in 1962.
Miss Christie brings to the horror piece ‘The Rats’, a highly ingenious plot.
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