Personal Call

A chilling radio play in one act for live performance

Running time: 25 minutes

Cast size: 14


Personal Call
James Brent receives a chilling telephone call seemingly from beyond the grave. His dead wife, Fay, is waiting for him at the very place she met her grisly end. At his new wife’s insistence, they go to meet her as requested and in the process discover a terrifying and disturbing truth.

Play information

The action moves from the living room of James Brent to a platform at Newton Abbot station.
Running time
25 minutes

Character list

  • Number of male characters: 9
  • Number of female characters: 5
  • Fay
  • James Brent
  • Pam Brent
  • Mrs. Lamb
  • Evan Curtis
  • Mary Curtis
  • Mr. Enderby
  • Inspector Narracott
  • Operator
  • Station Announcer
  • 1st Porter
  • 2nd Porter
  • Woman
  • Man

Performing this play

More about this play

The play was first broadcast on the BBC Radio Light Programme in 1954 and has been performed live on stage as part of an evening of Christie radio plays in the United Kingdom, Australia, the USA and China.
The detective story, against all probability, seems to be coming back to radio.
Frederick Laws, The Listener (reviewing the 1960 BBC Radio broadcast)