An epic historical drama in three acts

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Cast size: 16


An enlightened pharaoh falls foul of his conservative court when he attempts to unite the polytheist Egyptians under one god – a course of action that forces factions of both the army and priesthood to turn against him. Undeterred, Akhnaton’s vision of a kingdom where people dwell in peace, truth, love and beauty will ultimately destroy him and all those he holds dear. Regarded as one of her most extraordinary plays, this epic historical drama is unlike anything you have read of Christie’s before.

Play information

The action moves from the Royal Palace of Amenhotep III in the City of No Amon to the Palace of the City of the Horizon, approximately 1,300 years BC.
Running time
2 hours 45 minutes

Character list

  • Number of male characters: 12
  • Number of female characters: 4
  • The High Priest Of Amon
  • An Envoy
  • Horemheb
  • A Herald
  • Queen Tyi
  • Akhnaton
  • Royal Scribe
  • Nubian Servant
  • Ay
  • Nefertiti
  • Nezzemut
  • Para
  • Bek
  • Ptahmose
  • Tutankhaton
  • Captain Of Soldiers

Performing this play

More about this play

In writing the play, Christie was assisted by the eminent Egyptologist, Stephen Glanville. Written in 1937, the play was first published in 1973. It was the basis of a presentation of the Akhnaton legend at the Museum of Egyptology, Turin, Italy in July 2015
Akhnaton is no didactic tract, but a drama of ruthless logic and theatrical power, its characters sharply delineated, its arguments humanized and convincingly set forth.
Charles Osborne, Theatre critic, writer and literature director of the Arts Council of Great Britain

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